Crossflow enables optimised decisions and minimizes investment costs.

Crossflow offers institutional investors independent expertise in trading, analysis and rating of exchange-traded funds.

It is Crossflow’s goal to provide institutional ETF investors with a significant competitive advantage within their peer group. These advantages arise from well-founded decisions in the selection of ETFs on the one hand, and from the minimisation of investment costs in ETF trading on the other.

However, also with regard to risks, Crossflow refers to product features of ETFs, the existence and potential effects of which are usually not discussed.

ETF Trading

Crossflow’s experience is incorporated into the proprietary in-house transaction management system, which has enabled ETF investors to execute orders in the best possible way for many years.

The cost savings enable our customers to achieve better performance than their peer group.

Full transparency through pre- and post-trade analysis in the sense of regulatory best execution.

ETF Analysis

Crossflow is among the European leaders in independent ETF analysis. Our clients benefit from access to key performance indicators for quality measurement and product selection of ETFs.

MiFID II increases the regulatory requirements for asset managers to define, implement and document an independent decision-making process that is free from conflicts of interest when selecting investment products.

Crossflow supports its clients in the ETF selection process by means of independent ETF analyses which objectify the processes and ensure decision-making reliability.

ETF Advisory

Crossflow clients benefit from our unique ETF expertise. Our employees have coined the European ETF market since the year 2000 and know the crucial quality features.

This experience, coupled with an independent fee-based approach, ensures a successful and sustainable cooperation. Many institutional ETF investors in Europe have been appreciating this partnership for many years.


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