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Leading in Performance

Leading in Performance

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Crossflow is a benchmark for independent ETF competency in Europe.

Crossflow is an independent financial services provider under supervision of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesagentur für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin). The company specialises in trading and quality analysis of ETFs. All in all, the Crossflow team offers over 100 years of experience in the ETF industry and is a benchmark for independent ETF competency in Europe.

Our team consists of various scientific disciplines and has defined key figures and processes on which the independent ETF quality analysis are based.


2000 – 2019

    • Deutsche Börse launches the XTF segment with three LDRS ETFs

    • HypoVereinsbank subsidiary INDEXCHANGE lists its first three ETFs with German ISINs

    • Establishment of an ETF sales/trading team at HypoVereinsbank, to which all three Crossflow partners belonged

    • LYXOR issues first swap ETFs

    • UBS issues ETFs under the Fresco Index Shares brand

    • Amundi issues ETFs on the French market under the CASAM brand

    • INDEXCHANGE issues first bond ETF

    • Issuance of first Gold ETC

    • Juergen Fritzen leads ETF sales teams at INDEXCHANGE and HVB simultaneously

    • INDEXCHANGE is the market leader for ETFs in Europe with EUR 15 billion under management

    • Barclays Global Investors acquires INDEXCHANGE

    • ETFSecurities issues single commodity ETCs

    • Deutsche Bank launches the db X-trackers brand

    • Deka founds ETFlab, the shareholders of Crossflow support this market entry

    • Blackrock acquires “iShares” ETFs from Barclays

    • Source enters the market

    • Foundation of Crossflow

    • One billion in ETF turnover within the first two months

    • Crossflow is one of the first companies to develop and implement ETF-specific indicators for the objective and independent quality measurements of exchange-traded funds.

    • Personnel expansion, relocation to a larger office

    • ETF portfolios analysed by Crossflow exceed a volume of EUR 10 billion.

    • The share of international orders in Crossflow’s total trading volume grows to over 30%.

    • Crossflow activates its BaFin license

    • Two years before the introduction of MiFID II Crossflow develops the Best Execution Monitor document to verify the market conformity of ETF prices

    • More than 2,000 ETPs of 43 issuers are listed in Europe alone. In total, the European ETF market administers assets beyond EUR 580 billion.

    • Crossflow offers ETF portfolio advisory


    In the age of digitization and anonymization, Crossflow believes in the value of personal contact.

    We are very keen to talk to our clients. At the same time, we promote the exchange of information among industry members. Intensive discussions are held to identify new trends in capital markets as well as possible solutions.

    Our institutional clients become part of a network of renowned economists, financial scientists, academics, lawyers, accountants and institutional investment managers. We meet regularly for conferences and exchange views on current capital market issues, investment strategies and the implementation of regulatory requirements.

    Our events leverage the competencies and services of the participants and occasionally the interaction among our clients end up in new business. Participation at the conferences is free of charge and is exclusively for portfolio managers, institutional investors, analysts and traders of insurance companies, pension funds, asset managers, banks and family offices. If we aroused your interest, we will gladly add you to our invitation list and inform you about upcoming events. Please register with your e-mail address.



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